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Buying Beef

Purchasing beef from us is simple, you choose the amount you want, provide the deposit to secure your purchase and we take care of the rest.  We will get in touch to ask about how you would like your beef processed.   

Pickup and Delivery -   we are located in SW Missouri.  As such, for a quarter, half or whole, shall deliver within a 30, 60, and 90 mile radius, respectively.   For those further away, we can meet at half way points or you may pick it up at our home or the butcher.   If there are multiple families that are in a metro region, we can combine for a single pickup.   As always, we are happy to work with you.

If you are new to purchasing a custom beef, we are here to help.    There can be quite a bit of confusion on what is what when purchasing beef.   But it is really quite simple.  


There is the live weight, which is what it implies, what does the steer or heifer weigh when it is standing with a beating heart.

The hanging weight, this is the weight of the carcass with all of the organs removed, head and skin.    There are actually two versions of the carcass weight, the 'hot' hanging weight (i.e., immediately after the kill) and the cold hanging weight.   The cold hanging weight is typically 12 to 14 days after the kill.   This is what is called the aging time for the beef, during this period the blood will drain and the natural enzymes of the beef will act to tenderize it.      

Finally, there is the package weight, e.g., what you will take home.   How you choose to have your beef processed will affect what this weight is.   The same half a beef can have 15% more or less take home weight depending on whether you choose boneless cuts, how much is made into hamburger, do you have liver or heart or tongue, etc.   

Whole     $2300    Deposit $300

Half     $1150;   Deposit $200

Quarter  $600   Deposit $150

Eighth     $325   Deposit $100

Beef basics: What's Happening
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