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Family Raised Grass Fed Beef

Family beef and feedlot beef, why you might wish to purchase from a known family

Purchasing from a small producer such as ourselves versus buying at the grocery store is not a good versus bad choice.    

Convenience of buying a chilled steak that can go on the barbeque as soon as you walk out the store is not what you will get from buying a half a beef with all cuts frozen.   On the other hand, walking into the garage or pantry to get your steak or hamburger is certainly easier than driving and dealing with the parking lot and crowds at the stores.

The confidence that you know what you are getting is probably the number one reason our customers choose us.   The photo on this page captures in many ways what it is that you are getting.   This is a baby calf about 4 weeks old that is a twin which mom walked away from, this is not that uncommon in cows and especially a first time mother.    We brought Juno home (one must name their bottle fed calves) and taught him to get his milk from a bottle, not always an easy task.   We did not tighten the nipple top properly this time and when the bottle was empty, he naturally pulled on it to get more and off popped the lid.   When you buy from a local family you are buying from someone who cares for their animals and has shed some tears, plenty of sweat and a few drops of blood from accidents in the course of raising their animals

We treat our animals as if they were our children.   They get vaccinations for cattle diseases (yes, cows get virus infections too), provide them with fresh water for drinking and ponds for taking a summer bath to cool off, and grass and more grass to eat.  

There are hundreds of books and thousands of magazine articles discussing the various breeds with some objective and some bordering on ridiculous  promotion of a particular breed.   We stick to the cross breeding of the traditional lines to produce a healthy herd of mothers and their calves.   By staying with Angus and Hereford as the foundation and crossing with Charolais and Simmental lines and back again with Angus and Hereford bulls, we find that the beef cuts produced are excellent.

Tradition: Our Farm
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